The band makes extensive use of technology, electronics and digital systems.
This includes remote wireless control for sound and lighting, LED lights and a powerful laser.

We use Cisco Linksys dual-band wireless access points to connect remotely to our mixing desk to enable control via an iPad from within the audience to ensure the sound mix is as good as it can be. 

All of the lighting is controlled by ChamSys MagicQ software running on our touch-screen laptop computer using DMX. The software is also remotely controlled over Wi-Fi either from the iPad or an Android tablet. 

Gary (4)
Gary (4)
The DMX signals are transmitted using special dedicated wireless devices to each bank of lights saving messy cables having to be run and enabling the lights to be positioned remotely from the band if required. Our banner has thousands of LED lights around the edge which are individually controllable making it capable of displaying lots of different patterns, it uses 3 DMX universes and Art-Net for transport. The red, green, blue RGB laser is programmed with many patterns and animations which are also triggered wirelessly from the MagicQ software.

Kimberley and James Wedding (4)
Kimberley and James Wedding (4)
The laptop also has a digital connection to the X32 digital mixing desk allowing us to playback music between sets or record all of the instruments on its own individual channel for later mixing in our home recording studio.

Each of the performers has a set of wireless in ear monitors with their own individual mix so they can hear what they are playing clearly and keep the volume levels on the stage lower than with conventional wedge monitors. The performer can adjust their mix remotely either from an iPhone or a P16M personal mixer. This means they don't need to ask for "more of my vocals" or "less of Pete" in their own mix as the control it themselves.



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Upcoming Gigs

17 Mar 2018 - 09:00PM
Live at The Springfield
18 Mar 2018 - 05:30PM
Live at The Roebuck
30 Mar 2018 - 09:00PM
Good Friday at The Dragon
31 Mar 2018 - 09:00PM
Live at The Grehound